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We offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon. Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Lavish Color (Includes Style)

Expert coloring and highlighting services by our professional staff.

Hair Coloring and Highlights

Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and develop a plan with your colorist to reach your objectives.

Demi Color

Double Process

Weave Color (per pack)

$50 & up

Full Highlights

$140 & up

Partial Highlights

$100 & up


$125 & up
Low maintenance hair coloring technique in which hair color fades to a lighter shade. Also known as  a gradient.

Virgin Color

$120 & up

Root Touch Up Color

$95 & up
Recolor your new growth to match your haircolor. 

Pre Lighten (Bleached)

$50 & up

Block Section

$120 & up


Bring out your inner beauty with a makeover by our artists.

Makeup and Makeovers

Transform your look with a makeover from a licensed esthetician. Discover the secrets of runway models and Hollywood idols to coordinate your wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup and achieve a beautiful, portrait-worthy look that will turn heads and help you stand out from the crowd.

Eye Beautification

Eye beautification services are designed to even out your skin tone under your eyes and on your eyelids as well as to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes.

Cosmetic Instruction

Explore the techniques that drive the media and fashion industry with a cosmetic instruction from a licensed esthetician. You will learn about the many products and approaches used to create amazing looks from classic to avant-garde.

Lavish Hair Extensions/Weaves

hair extensions, add length and/or fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair.

Sew in Weave (partial)

$150 and up
With a partial weave your natural hair is left out to cover the partial weave hair  you've gotten sewn in.

Sew In (Leave Out)

$200 and Up
A traditional sew in with a braid left in the middle or side to cover the sewn in hair.

Sew In (Full Top)

$225 & up
A sew in is an hair extension process in which the natural hair is corn rowed and layered with real or synthetic hair to create a realistic type of hair extension.

Bonded Weave (Full)

$100 & up
Hair is parted into sections and bonding glue is used to attach the weave to the hair near the scalp.

Bonded Weave (Partial)

$80 & up
Hair is parted into section and bonding glue is used to install weave to the natural hair close to the scalp in some sections of the head.

Braidless Weave (Full)

$250 & up
A braidless weave eliminates bulkiness and is has more flexibility with styling your hair.

Braidless Weave (Partial)

$200 & up
Weave is sewn in to the hair without braiding which allows for more flexibility with styling the hair. Applied to certain parts of the head.

Braidless Weave Removal

$40 & up
Braidless sewn in weave is removed from the natural hair.

Versatile Weave (Sew)

$200 & up
Sewn in weave that has the flexibility for more updo's and styles.

Infusion Extensions

$500 & up
Hair is divided into sections and extensions are attached to the natural hair by using hot wax.

Cold Fusion Extensions

$500 & up
Your natural hair is looped through a tube and attached to the extension. Similar to the hot fusion or bonded but more gentle because it doesnt require heat.

Rubber Band Weave

$200 & up
Your natural hair is parted into multiples parts and rubber banded into many small ponytails. Hair extensions are sewn on with a needed.

Custom Wigs

$200 & up
A custom wig is made to your authentic liking. Style colors are hair type is selected to your specifications.

Wig Shampoo/Style

$50 & up
Your wig is shampooed and styled to your liking.

Wig Cutting/Shaping

$40 & up
Your wig is cut and reshaped to your liking.

Wig (Sew Install)

$125 & up
Wig sew in installation. Fitted to your preference.

Quick Wig Custom

$140 & up
On the go custom fitted wigs.

Weave Tightening

$40 & up
Previous hair extension/weave is tightened to your liking.

Half Wig/U Part

$150 & up
Natural hair is left in the middle to cover the wig.

Closure (Add On)

$50 & up
Realistic artificial hair part to make the weave look more realistic.

Frontal (Add On)

$60 & up
Similar to closures but tend to cover more.

Lace Front Install

$150 & up
Lace fronts although similar to closures can cover more because the go from temple to temple hairline.

Weave Takeout

$25 & up
Get your hair extensions or weave removed.

Weave Net (Add On)

A net is installed for the sewn in hair to hold on better.

Invisible Part (Glue)

Using various layering techniques to create a natural looking hair part with glue ins.

Invisible Part (Sew)

Layering techniques are used to create a natural looking part using sew ins.


Shampoo, conditioning and hair cleansing services for dirty, greasy, dry or damaged hair. Add a shampoo and conditioning treatment before your styling service and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as we lather and rinse your hair with top-quality products. Ending with your desired style.

Shampoo/Conditioner Only

$25 and Up
A simple shampoo and conditioner to clean and hydrate the hair.

Shampoo/Flex Rod Set

$65 and Up
Shampoo and flexi rods used to create sleek and spiral curls. 

Shampoo/Blow Dry Only

A basic shampoo and blowout.


$80 and Up
Basic shampoo, cut and styled to your liking. 

Shampoo/Silk Press Natural

$60 and Up
A modern day hair press to add shine and volume for natural hair. 

Shampoo Style Extensions/Weaves

Shampoo and style for your extensions and/or weave. 

Shampoo/ Soft Waves

$60 and Up
Simple shampoo and natural soft waves. 


$60 and Up
A simple shampoo and trim styled to your liking. 


$50 and Up
A basic and shampoo based on your liking. 

Shampoo/Wand Curls

$60 and Up
A shampoo and soft wand curls for any hair type. 

Lavish Relaxers

Relaxers Straightening The Natural Curls Making Hair Straight

Relaxer (Spot)

$15 & up
Sections chosen by you to be relaxed. 

Relaxers (Virgin)

$100 & up
For curly hair to make it easier to straighten by chemically relaxing the natural curls.

Relaxer (Touch Up)

$80 & up

Lavish Haircuts

Basic hair cuts are available for women to keep your locks even and trimmed. Get rid of unsightly split ends and encourage hair growth with regular trims from our exceptional team. You will love the way you look!

Corrective Cut

$20 & up
A haircut to fix any inconveniences in your haircuts from previous cuts or styles. Suitable to your liking and style. 

Dry Hair Cut ( shampoo not included) add shampoo or curl styling for a fee

$40 and up..
Dry cutting causes (Less Damage) to the hair, which allows you to go longer between haircuts. Hair is elastic, so when you cut it wet, the ends can fray a little more. When the hair is dry and cut with dry scissors, you get a much cleaner cut on the ends of the hair, so they don't split and fray as much. Hair that's not frayed is (Much Healthier Hair), which keeps your hair looking better longer. ( Please request, if you like your hair cut wet ,but these are some of the advantages of dry cutting verses wet cutting.

Haircut (Only) Men

$20 and up
Any haircut suitable to your liking taking in consideration of your features and style. 

Razor Cut (Only)

$25 & up
A more edgy look for your hairstyle to add more personality and layers to your hair. 

Trim (Only)

$10 & up
A simple trim suitable to your liking.

Lavish Treatments

Hair and scalp treatments are designed to address problems with dandruff, dry scalp, or damaged hair due to environmental stress and over-processing.

Olaplex Treatment

Hair treatment to prevent or treat hair breakage or unhealthy hair.

Protein Treatment

Reconstructing treatment for hair to strengthen and better its elasticity, lessen breakage and over all healthier hair.

Deep Moisturizer Treatment

Treatment for softening and preventing hair from getting damaged by the sun or by manipulation from heat styling.

Hot Oil Treatment

To maintain healthy texture and over all looks of natural hair. Treat yourself to a hot oil treatment for good looking hair.

Dandruff Treatment

Treatment to decrease and eliminate dandruff.

Anti Breakage Treatment

Treatment to prevent dryness and breakage in hair.

Lavish Natural Styles


$50 & up
A style of braiding the hair in strips against the scalp in various patterns and sizes.

Kids Cornrows

$60 & up

Box Braids

$160 & up
Individual plaits of braids varying in size that are divided by small squared off parts.

Yarn Wraps

$200 & up
Similar to faux locs this style allows your hair to grow without damage and acts as an protective shield in its growth process.

Yarn Wraps (add on)

$10 & up

Starter Locs

$75 & up

Double Strand Twist

$65 & up

Flat Twist

$60 & up
An elegant and chic style for all ages and hair. Super versatile for styling and a simple look. 

Cornrows With Hair Addded

$65 & up

Crochet Braid Weave

$160 & up
Yet another protective style for your hair to grow without damage. Can be styled in multiple ways.

Instant Dreadlocks

$90 and Up
A technique where hair is interlocked to create an instant dreadlock look. Dreadlocks with out the starter lock look.

Twist Out Curls

$60 & up

Loc Maintenance

$65 & up
Routine for maintaining and developing your locs.

Faux Locs

$200 & up
A great protective style for growth retention which will keep the hair from damage while letting it grow. Get faux locs installed for a popular hairstyle.

Dreadlock Styling

$50 & up
Style your unique locs for an amazing statement piece. 

Coil/Comb Twist Out

$65 & up
Single strand twists and twist outs to compliment any legnth of hair.

Bantu Knots

$65 & up
Small coiled buns spun around the hair in sections. They can be combed out for a hairstyle known as Bantu knot-out.

Lavish Bridal and Makeup

Make it a day to remember with a truly professional bridal hair styling service. Our expert staff stays on top of the latest bridal styles to provide you with a plethora of amazing options to match your wedding style. From classic to contemporary, formal to casual, we can create a wonderfully polished look for your blessed event.

Bridal Style

$100 & up
Bridal hair-do and/or make-up for your special day.

Bride and Bridesmaids Pamper Day

Ask For Consultation
Pamper day for the bride and bridesmaids. 

Full Makeover ( Before/After photo,Hairstyle,Salad,Fruit,drinks) Hair Weave Additional Charge

$175 & up
Full service make-over for bridal or any other occasion. Comes with a relaxing environment fruits, drinks, and a before and after picture.

Natural Individual Lash Installation

Each lash is strategically and individually applied onto your eyelid to create a seemingly natural look of fuller and thicker lashes.

Eyebrow Arching (Clean Up)

Increase the arch of your brow for a more dramatic look and clean up around the entire brows for a more cleaner kept look.

Eyebrow Arching (Full Arch)

Arching the eyebrows for a perfect dramatic affect.

Eyebrow Arching (Tint/Fill In)

Eyebrow arching and color fill in.

Service Policy

Please call (443)316-8029 or email saloncouture@comcast.net to schedule an appointment, however walk-ins are welcome.

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